Saturday, March 19, 2011

Canine Butt Sniffing Unit

I was wondering today, while vacuuming up enough hair to cover a standard bison, why we feed, board, and serve two dogs when they don’t DO anything, like herd sheep or sniff bombs.

I can only hope that after the apocalypse, dog hair will become a form of currency. Dog hair and a slobbery optimism without any basis in reality. I’m not sure how they might set up a standard for that last one, but I suppose that would be up to the post-apocalyptic fed.


D.B. Echo said...

A few years ago a friend from Ireland was visiting with her daughter. He daughter saw my cousin's dog and asked, "What does she do?" Having grown up on a farm in Ireland, she was used to dogs doing things.

In college one of my Physics professors was in a group that was studying the question "In the event of a nuclear war, what would be the best material to put in the bag of a vacuum cleaner to filter fallout from incoming air being drawn into a nuclear shelter?" The answer turned out to be "ordinary household debris" - the stuff that would be in shortest supply in a post-apocalyptic fallout shelter. But, in a pinch, I'm sure dog hair would work too. Soo you've got that.

piglet said...

In the event of an apocalypse, I want D. B. Echo on my team. And I now plan on breathing through Scotty's collie mane.