Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Her Maiden Voyage Pt. 3: Lessons Learned

In the (thankfully) final installment of the MaxFunCan's shakedown cruise, The Captain and I sit down to make a list of Things We Learned to make the next thirty trips smooth like butter.

  • Bring sugar for The Captain's coffee.
  • No matter what diet you are on, not having s'mores is not an option.
  • No matter how rustic the surroundings, high-def TV seems to fit right in.
  • No matter how high-def the TV, you need a cable to hook up to the cable service.
  • Bring a tool kit. You can't always count on a ranch hand for tool-borrowing.
  • Don't feed the wild life. Unless they are bunnies.
Um, it was wet.
  • If the furnace doesn't run, don't turn on the stove burners right by the furnace thermostat.
  • Get a little electric space heater, (a) in case the furnace continues to be finicky, and (b) to have quiet heat at night. (The furnace is really loud!)
  • If you want hot water from the electric water heater, you have to push the secret button.
  • Before you open the cap on the black (poopy) water tank, make sure the valve is in the closed position (hard won wisdom from The Captain).
Hey! The Sea Ranch RV Park is a ranch! Look! Horsies!
  • When camping in the Pacific Northwest in the spring, get one of those dehumidifiers. Or two.
  • When camping in the Pacific Northwest in the spring, bring more towels.
  • And hooks for wet rain coats.
Hey! The Sea Ranch RV Park is Not Sea Worthy!
  • Bring a Christopher Moore book for The Captain (he likes them! he really likes them!).
  • Snuggling in a small dinette-turned-couch, watching the director's commentary of Young Frankenstein while the rain and wind pelt the can around you is illogically and uncannily...fun.

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CAH said...

Just read the 3 installments. Too funny...hoping all the shaking out has shaken out and you're off to smooth, warm adventures. Have a blast!