Sunday, November 19, 2006

Clearance Sale on Weekend News.

Here are the good parts about Saturday:
  • Spent too much money on clothes without (a) stepping inside a mall, (b) buying anything stiff or itchy, or (c) trying on a bra.
  • Allowed Dean to introduce me to a new chocolate shop in town. So trendy there is no sign. So small we had to wait outside to fit in and there were only three people in the shop. So good you could literally go blind. 150 proof. Like the Everclear of chocolate.
  • Went 30 miles out of my way to get my hair fixed by a genius. A savior of small-haired heads. Thank God for Sherry.
  • Took Dean and Jenny out for lunch. They are funny. And fun.
  • Walked the dogs without getting wet.
  • Created a new mascott for a school based on the successful "Buckeye" notion. I just have to find a school to adopt it. Go Angry Filberts!

Here are the bad parts about Saturday:

  • I spent too much money (bad piggy).
  • I let a sunny day go by without raking leaves (bad piggy).
  • I had to look in the dressing room mirror a lot (piggy piggy).
  • The Ducks lost. Crap.

Here are the good parts about Sunday:

  • Hung around at a doggy gift shop helping a photographer take Christmas-themed pictures of doggies. It was a Humane Society fund raiser.
  • Met two bull dogs, two Shih Tzus, one mini poodle, one Leon De something-or-other, one Irishesque Setter, one mutt, one Cocker Spaniel, and a Jack Russell Terrier.
  • Got my dogs' pictures taken (couldn't help it).

Here are the bad parts about Sunday:

  • I had to drive out to padonkadonkville twice to go to this doggy boutique, and I had Drew's red-light mojo really bad. (Once to pull the morning shift as photographer's assistant, and once more in the afternoon to bring the dogs out to be models.)
  • As usual, the Humane Society panicked and booked twice as many volunteer helpers as required, so we all got to stand around a lot.
  • The Seahawks lost. Crap.

How was your weekend?

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Jenny said...

I'm going to need to see those pictures.