Saturday, August 13, 2005

Handy Tips for Cyclists

Things to avoid saying to your mom over the phone while at a race:

  • Where's the nearest hospital from here?
  • Hey, remember that tooth I just had fixed?
  • Well, my bike's okay.

Things to avoid leaving in the toilet:

  • suspicious-looking floating bits of shaving cream
  • bandaids
  • loogies that stick to the bowl that I have to remove, ahem, manually

If you live with someone who does your laundry even when she told you she wouldn't anymore:

  • Take the bags of Goo out of your jersey pockets.
  • Clothing with more holes than fabric become rags.
  • For God's sake, turn your bike shorts chamois-side IN.

Congrats, Dean, on a third in the kilo and a fourth in the Olympic sprint (2005 U-23 Track Cycling Nationals) from your Number One Athletic Supporter.

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