Monday, April 18, 2005

I have half a brain

I have been experiencing a creative frenzy...well, not a frenzy, so much as relief of a creative constipation, so to speak. However, the creativity has all come upstairs, in my painting studio, and not in the form of words.

All winter I had so much to say. I thought about great new subjects to write about, couldn't help but start them, come back to them, massage them and rearrange them. But I could not make myself start any new project in my studio. I had painter's block. Now, the sun is out, and I constantly think of new projects to attempt upstairs. I can't concentrate on a book for more than 10 minutes. I think about ways to fix yesterday's mistakes, go back upstairs to just fix this one thing, and realize several hours have passed in the blink of an eye.

Is it that my brain can only be creatively active on one side or the other? Was this past winter the season of the left brain, and has the spring pollen awoken (is that a word?) my right brain, and in the process, stolen its creative juice from the left brain? Can I only work one side of my brain at a time? And do I have to wait another couple months for my left brain to wake from its coma?

You tell me. I'm no good at writing today.

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