Monday, December 20, 2004

Things I Know

Things I Know.

  1. Chocolate and wine make life taste better.
  2. There are naturally lazy people and naturally busy people (who are vastly outnumbered). I'm a naturally lazy person.
  3. There are naturally lazy dogs and naturally busy dogs (who vastly outnumber the lazy ones). My dog is naturally lazy.
  4. There is only one type of cat (do I have to tell you which type?).
  5. There are people-lovers and there are hermits. I'm a hermit.
  6. Most dogs are people-lovers. Most cats are hermits.
  7. There is no accounting for musical taste.
  8. Penguins are funny.
  9. Bears are the cutest dangerous animal.
  10. It's better to work for someone who is smarter than you.
  11. It's better if your clergy person knows more about the Bible/Koran/Torah/Tao Te Ching/Baghavad Ghita/works of L. Ron Hubbard than you do.
  12. Reading is better than watching TV, but watching TV is easier, and since I am a naturally lazy person, I spend more time watching TV.

That's all the wisdom I can spare today, and all that you should try to soak in.

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